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The Hershey Creamery Company is today and always has been a family business. Not affiliated with the similarly named Hershey Company, it was founded by four Hershey brothers in 1894. And the Hershey Creamery Company® has been making premium ice cream from Real ingredients ever since. Of course, Hershey’s® now uses modern equipment instead of ice and salt, and trucks instead of a horse and wagon, but dedication to good old-fashioned goodness has always been their mission. The Hershey’s® Ice Cream production plant was constructed in 1926 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where with many modernizations over the years, the company has continued to thrive. Today, the company employs approximately 450 people and operates 22 distribution centers in 28 states. Our own family business, Hershey’s® Ice Cream of Ormond Beach opened in 2008. We investigated many ice cream companies -- examining their business practices and taste testing their products – before choosing to do business with The Hershey Creamery Company and feature Hershey’s® Ice Cream. Because ours is also a family business, we value the fact that the Hershey Creamery Company is family operated and, unlike other ice cream companies, maintains ownership of its manufacturing, delivery trucks, warehouses and distribution centers. At least once a week, a fresh order of Hershey’s® Ice Cream arrives at our shop from their new state-of-the-art distribution center in Orlando. We know we can rely on the consistent quality of Hershey’s® Ice Cream products and proudly serve them to our customers who keep coming back for more because they can taste the richer, denser difference in ice cream made from Real ingredients. Two Family Businesses Keeping it Real
Hershey's Ice Cream of Ormond Beach
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